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Insulin degludec is not associated with a delayed or diminished response to hypoglycaemia compared with insulin glargine in type 1 diabetes: a double-blind randomised crossover study

Koehler G ; Heller S ; Korsatko S ; Roepstorff C ; Rasmussen S ; Haahr H ; Pieber TR 2014
Drugs and Aging

Ultra-Long Pharmacokinetic Properties of Insulin Degludec are Comparable in Elderly Subjects and Younger Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Korsatko S ; Deller S ; Mader JK ; Glettler K ; Koehler G ; Treiber G ; Urschitz M ; Wolf M ; Hastrup H ; Sondergaard F ; Haahr H ; Pieber TR 2014
Pediatric Diabetes

Insulin degludec's ultra-long pharmacokinetic properties observed in adults are retained in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Biester T ; Blaesig S ; Remus K ; Aschemeier B ; Kordonouri O ; Granhall C ; Sondergaard F ; Kristensen NR ; Haahr H ; Danne T 2014
Advances in Therapy

Insulin Degludec Once-Daily in Type 2 Diabetes: Simple or Step-Wise Titration (BEGIN: Once Simple Use)

Philis-Tsimikas A ; Brod M ; Niemeyer M ; Francisco AMO ; Rothman J 2013

Ligand-Controlled Assembly of Hexamers, Dihexamers, and Linear Multihexamer Structures by the Engineered Acylated Insulin Degludec

Steensgaard DB ; Schluckebier G ; Strauss HM ; Norrman M ; Thomsen JK ; Friderichsen AV ; Havelund S ; Jonassen I 2013
Clinical Drug Investigation

A Comparison of the Steady-State Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Profiles of 100 and 200 U/mL Formulations of Ultra-Long-Acting Insulin Degludec

Korsatko S ; Deller S ; Koehler G ; Mader JK ; Neubauer K ; Adrian CL ; Thomsen H ; Haahr H ; Pieber TR 2013
Diabetes Care

Low-Volume Insulin Degludec 200 Units/mL Once Daily Improves Glycemic Control Similarly to Insulin Glargine With a Low Risk of Hypoglycemia in Insulin-Naive Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: A 26-week, randomized, controlled, multinational, treat-to-target trial: The BEGIN LOW VOLUME trial

Gough SCL ; Bhargava A ; Jain R ; Mersebach H ; Rasmussen S ; Bergenstal RM 2013
Diabetes Care

The Efficacy and Safety of Insulin Degludec Given in Variable Once-Daily Dosing Intervals Compared With Insulin Glargine and Insulin Degludec Dosed at the Same Time Daily A 26-week, randomized, open-label, parallel-group, treat-to-target trial in individuals with type 2 diabetes

Meneghini L ; Atkin SL ; Gough SCL ; Raz I ; Blonde L ; Shestakova M ; Bain S ; Johansen T ; Begtrup K ; Birkeland KI 2013
Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism

A comparison of health-related quality of life (health utility) between insulin degludec and insulin glargine: a meta-analysis of phase 3 trials

Freemantle N ; Evans M ; Christensen T ; Wolden ML ; Bjorner JB 2013
Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism

Hypoglycaemia risk with insulin degludec compared with insulin glargine in type 2 and type 1 diabetes: a pre-planned meta-analysis of phase 3 trials

Ratner RE ; Gough SCL ; Mathieu C ; Del Prato S ; Bode B ; Mersebach H ; Endahl L ; Zinman B 2013
Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism

Effect of insulin degludec versus sitagliptin in patients with type 2 diabetes uncontrolled on oral antidiabetic agents

Philis-Tsimikas A ; Del Prato S ; Satman I ; Bhargava A ; Dharmalingam M ; Skjoth TV ; Rasmussen S ; Garber AJ 2013
Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism

Superior glycaemic control with once-daily insulin degludec/insulin aspart versus insulin glargine in Japanese adults with type 2 diabetes inadequately controlled with oral drugs: a randomized, controlled phase 3 trial

Onishi Y ; Ono Y ; Rabol R ; Endahl L ; Nakamura S 2013
Diabetic Medicine

Insulin degludec improves glycaemic control with lower nocturnal hypoglycaemia risk than insulin glargine in basal- bolus treatment with mealtime insulin aspart in Type 1 diabetes (BEGIN (R) Basal-Bolus Type 1): 2-year results of a randomized clinical trial

Bode BW ; Buse JB ; Fisher M ; Garg SK ; Marre M ; Merker L ; Renard E ; Russell-Jones DL ; Hansen CT ; Rana A ; Heller SR 2013
Diabetic Medicine

Comparison of insulin degludec with insulin glargine in insulin-naive subjects with Type 2 diabetes: a 2-year randomized, treat-to-target trial

Rodbard HW ; Cariou B ; Zinman B ; Handelsman Y ; Philis-Tsimikas A ; Skjoth TV ; Rana A ; Mathieu C 2013
Diabetic Medicine

Insulin degludec improves health-related quality of life (SF- 36 (R)) compared with insulin glargine in people with Type 2 diabetes starting on basal insulin: a meta-analysis of phase 3a trials

Freemantle N ; Meneghini L ; Christensen T ; Wolden ML ; Jendle J ; Ratner R 2013
Drugs and Aging

Elderly Patients with Diabetes Experience a Lower Rate of Nocturnal Hypoglycaemia with Insulin Degludec than with Insulin Glargine: A Meta-Analysis of Phase IIIa Trials

Sorli C ; Warren M ; Oyer D ; Mersebach H ; Johansen T ; Gough SCL 2013
Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery

Injection force and dose accuracy of FlexTouch for the delivery of a new basal insulin

Gotzche D ; Rasmussen BO ; Pedersen MT ; Sparre T ; Bucher D ; Niemeyer M 2013
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

Efficacy and Safety of Insulin Degludec in a Flexible Dosing Regimen vs Insulin Glargine in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes ( BEGIN: Flex T1): A 26-Week Randomized, Treat-to-Target Trial With a 26-Week Extension

Mathieu C ; Hollander P ; Miranda-Palma B ; Cooper J ; Franek E ; Russell-Jones D ; Larsen J ; Tamer SC ; Bain SC 2013
Diabetes Care

Insulin Degludec/Insulin Aspart Administered Once Daily at Any Meal, With Insulin Aspart at Other Meals Versus a Standard Basal-Bolus Regimen in PatientsWith Type 1 Diabetes A 26-week, phase 3, randomized, open-label, treat-to-target trial

Hirsch IB ; Bode B ; Courreges JP ; Dykiel P ; Franek E ; Hermansen K ; King A ; Mersebach H ; Davies M 2012
Diabetes Care

Insulin Degludec Versus Insulin Glargine in Insulin-Naive Patients With Type 2 Diabetes A 1-year, randomized, treat-to- target trial (BEGIN Once Long)

Zinman B ; Philis-Tsimikas A ; Cariou B ; Handelsman Y ; Rodbard HW ; Johansen T ; Endahl L ; Mathieu C 2012