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Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica

Donepezil provides positive effects to patients treated with gabapentin for neuropathic pain: an exploratory study

Basnet A ; Butler S ; Honore PH ; Butler M ; Gordh TE ; Kristensen K ; Bjerrum OJ 2014
Acta Physiologica

Maternal chocolate and sucrose soft drink intake induces hepatic steatosis in rat offspring associated with altered lipid gene expression profile

Kjaergaard M ; Nilsson C ; Rosendal A ; Nielsen MO ; Raun K 2014
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

How do pregnancy-related weight changes and breastfeeding relate to maternal weight and BMI-adjusted waist circumference 7 y after delivery? Results from a path analysis

Kirkegaard H ; Stovring H ; Rasmussen KM ; Abrams B ; Sorensen TIA ; Nohr EA 2014
American Journal of Hypertension

How Many Measurements Are Needed to Estimate Blood Pressure Variability Without Loss of Prognostic Information?

Mena LJ ; Maestre GE ; Hansen TW ; Thijs L ; Liu YP ; Boggia J ; Li Y ; Kikuya M ; Bjorklund-Bodegard K ; Ohkubo T ; Jeppesen J ; Torp-Pedersen C ; Dolan E ; Kuznetsova T ; Stolarz-Skrzypek K 2014
American Scientist

How to Fight Back Against Antibiotic Resistance

Dantas G ; Sommer MOA 2014
Analytical Chemistry

Electrochemical Reduction of Disulfide-Containing Proteins for Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Monitored by Mass Spectrometry

Mysling S ; Salbo R ; Ploug M ; Jorgensen TJD 2014
Animal Genetics

Expression studies of six human obesity-related genes in seven tissues from divergent pig breeds

Cirera S ; Jensen MS ; Elbrond VS ; Moesgaard SG ; Christoffersen BO ; Kadarmideen HN ; Skovgaard K ; Bruun CV ; Karlskov-Mortensen P ; Jorgensen CB ; Fredholm M 2014
Animal Genetics

Extensive changes in innate immune gene expression in obese Gottingen minipigs do not lead to changes in concentrations of circulating cytokines and acute phase proteins

Rodgaard T ; Skovgaard K ; Moesgaard SG ; Cirera S ; Christoffersen BO ; Heegaard PMH 2014
BMC Health Services Research

Psychosocial, behavioural and health system barriers to delivery and uptake of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy in Tanzania - viewpoints of service providers in Mkuranga and Mufindi districts - art. no. 15

Mubyazi GM ; Bloch P 2014
Cancer Research

Childhood Height and Body Mass Index Were Associated with Risk of Adult Thyroid Cancer in a Large Cohort Study

Kitahara CM ; Gamborg M ; de Gonzalez AB ; Sorensen TIA ; Baker JL 2014

SOCS2 mediates the cross talk between androgen and growth hormone signaling in prostate cancer

Iglesias-Gato D ; Chuan YC ; Wikstrom P ; Augsten S ; Jiang N ; Niu YJ ; Seipel A ; Danneman D ; Vermeij M ; Fernandez-Perez L ; Jenster G ; Egevad L ; Norstedt G ; Flores-Morales A 2014

Microbiota-Generated Metabolites Promote Metabolic Benefits via Gut-Brain Neural Circuits

De Vadder F ; Kovatcheva-Datchary P ; Goncalves D ; Vinera J ; Zitoun C ; Duchampt A ; Backhed F ; Mithieux G 2014

Attitudes and approaches to vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women: a focus group qualitative study

Utian WH ; Maamari R 2014
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology

Blood pressure variability in risk stratification: What does it add?

Asayama K ; Schutte R ; Li Y ; Hansen TW ; Staessen JA 2014

Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 (FGF21) and Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Contribute to Diabetes Resistance in Glucagon Receptor- Deficient Mice

Omar BA ; Andersen B ; Hald J ; Raun K ; Nishimura E ; Ahren B 2014

Impaired Leptin Gene Expression and Release in Cultured Preadipocytes Isolated From Individuals Born With Low Birth Weight

Schultz NS ; Broholm C ; Gillberg L ; Mortensen B ; Jorgensen SW ; Schultz HS ; Scheele C ; Wojtaszewski JFP ; Pedersen BK ; Vaag A 2014
Diabetes Care

The Association Between Conventional Risk Factors and Diabetes Is Weak Among Urban Tanzanians

Faurholt-Jepsen D ; Range N ; PrayGod G ; Jeremiah K ; Faurholt-Jepsen M ; Aabye MG ; Changalucha J ; Ritz C ; Christensen DL ; Jorgensen ME ; Andersen AB ; Friis H 2014
Diabetes Care

Consumption of a Diet Low in Advanced Glycation End Products for 4 Weeks Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Overweight Women

Mark AB ; Poulsen MW ; Andersen S ; Andersen JM ; Bak MJ ; Ritz C ; Holst JJ ; Nielsen J ; de Courten B ; Dragsted LO ; Bugel SG 2014
Diabetes Care

GLP-1 Responses Are Heritable and Blunted in Acquired Obesity With High Liver Fat and Insulin Resistance

Matikainen N ; Bogl LH ; Hakkarainen A ; Lundbom J ; Lundbom N ; Kaprio J ; Rissanen A ; Holst JJ ; Pietilainen KH 2014
Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism

Weight change upon once-daily initiation of insulin detemir with or without dietary intervention in overweight or obese insulin-naive individuals with type 2 diabetes: results from the DIET trial

Niswender K ; Piletic M ; Andersen H ; Hiort LC ; Hollander P 2014