Massimo has Haemophilia A


Our ambition

Our ambition is to change possibilities for people with haemophilia. Every step of our journey is focused on improving treatment options, providing better access to care and following through on our commitment to understand the needs of people with haemophilia.

Our partnering focus

We seek partnerships within innovators aiming to improve options for the prevention and treatment of bleeding in people with haemophilia:

  • Improvement of current therapies for people with inhibitors, including prophylaxis
  • Improvement of FVIII- and FIX-based therapies for people with haemophilia A or B, including long-acting prophylaxis
  • Novel non-replacement therapies that improve haemostasis

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Contact us

For further information please contact Thomas Hanke, Biopharmaceuticals Innovation Sourcing


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Where to meet us

We are attending events all over the world to meet with new potential partners.

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R&D pipeline

Read more about our haemophilia pipeline.