Selected current partnerships

Selected R&D partnerships

Adimab (US)Human AntibodiesLicence agreement2013
Bristol-Myers Squibb (Medarex) (US)
Human AntibodiesResearch and Commercialisation Agreement2000
Bristol-Myers Squibb (ZymoGenetics Inc.) (US)IL-21 embodimentsLicense Agreement2009
Bristol-Myers Squibb (ZymoGenetics Inc.) (US)Factor XIIIDevelopment & License Agreement2004
Bristol-Myers Squibb (ZymoGenetics Inc.) (US)IL-20 embodimentsLicense Agreement2001
Cellartis AB and Lund University (SE)Beta Cell therapyResearch Collaboration & License2008
Combine (SE)InflammationResearch Agreement2009
Emisphere (US)Oral GLP-1Development and License Agreement2008
Emisphere (US)InsulinDevelopment and License Agreement2010
G2 Inflammation Pty. Ltd. (AU)C5a ReceptorResearch Collaboration & License2005
Innate Pharma S.A. (FR)NK-cell targetsJoint Research, Development, option and License Agreement2006
Innate Pharma S.A. (FR)InflammationResearch, Development & License2003
Kennedy Institute for Rheumatology (UK)InflammationResearch collaboration agreement2012
Kymab Ltd. (UK)Human AntibodiesLicense agreement2013
Merrion (IE)Oral GLP-1Research Agreement2009
Merrion (IE)Oral InsulinResearch Agreement2008
Pharmacylics, Inc (US)TechnologyLicense agreement2012
St Vincent's Hospital Sydney (AU) Macrophage Inhibitory CytokineResearch and License agreements2009
VLST (US)Virulence factors
Target identification and validation
Research and License Agreement2008

Selected R&D partnerships - outlicensed

Amicus Therapeutics Inc. (US) Plicera (isofagomine tartrate)License Agreement2005
Argos Therapeutics (US)Antibodies for treatment of autoimmune diseasesDevelopment & License Agreement2006/2010
Bristol-Myers Squibb (ZymoGenetics Inc.) (US)IL-21 ProteinLicense and Transfer Agreement2009
Helsinn Healthcare S.A. (CH)GH releasing peptides and small moleculesLicense Agreement2007
Innate Pharma S.A. (FR)Anti-KIRResearch, Development & License Agreement2008
TransTech Pharma Inc. (US)Glucokinase Activator for treatment of diabetesLicense Agreement2007

Selected product partnerships

Ben Venue Laboratories (US)Glucagen® (Glucagon)Distribution1999
Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH (DE)NovoNorm®, Prandin® (Repaglinide)Development & License Agreement1990
Cephalon Inc. (US)Gabitril® (Tiagabine)License Out (Worldwide excl. JP, Latin America, MX, CA)2000
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co.,Ltd. (JP)Surepost® (Repaglinide)Development & License Agreement2004
Eisai Pharmaceuticals (JP)Glucagen® (Glucagon)Distribution1999
Menarini Industrie Farmaceutiche (IT)NovoNorm® (Repaglinide)Co-Marketing (ES)2002
Mochida Pharmaceuticals (JP)Novo-Heparin® (heparin sodium), Novo-Protamin Sulfate® (protamin sulphate)Distribution2003

*Country abbreviation after company name signifies nationality of partner
** Country abbreviation after agreement type signifies which geographical area the agreement covers, no country abbreviation indicates a multiregional or global agreement.