Haemophilia R&D Portfolio

Improving treatment for people with haemophilia

In Haemophilila R&D, we are committed to improving access to expert care for haemophilia patients worldwide, bringing advanced treatment to people with haemophilia through innovation.

Novo Nordisk has applied its expertise in protein science and technology to build a broad pipeline of projects aimed at improving treatment for all people with haemophilia.

Creating a better future

Our ambition is to create a future where people living with haemophilia have the opportunity to lead the life they desire.

Haemophilia R&D Portfolio drives pipeline projects that address unmet treatment needs for the full spectrum of haemophilia conditions, as well as other rare bleeding disorders. With a broad portfolio of molecules, we wish to develop superior haemophilia treatments.

A heritage of commitment to haemophilia

Novo Nordisk began research and development in haemophilia over 20 years ago to improve the treatment of haemophilia patients with inhibitors. These efforts culminated in the successful launch of NovoSeven® in 1996, which was a significant treatment innovation in this area. NovoSeven® offered a new treatment paradigm for people with inhibitors, and made elective orthopaedic surgery possible. Today, NovoSeven® remains the only recombinant treatment approved for haemophilia with inhibitors.

Novo Nordisk – the passion behind the protein and the process

We aim to change haemophilia through cutting-edge research and scientific endeavour. To change how we treat patients based on a full understanding of their needs, and ultimately, to change the lives of those living with haemophilia. We aim to empower, through appropriate treatment and support, so that they can achieve a healthier life. Check out our video, and learn about our passion for the protein.

The Passion Behind the Process