Global Development

We develop products that make a difference

In Global Development, we take responsibility for new products based on proteins and peptides from early development phases to product introduction. It takes about 10-13 years to move from idea to patient and in Global Development we are responsible for clinical trials and project management – which are key elements in this long and complex journey.

Our worldwide reach and focus

We are responsible for managing clinical drug development worldwide, securing that the process lives up to uniform global standards, regulations and business ethics. We work in global project teams with focus on delivering viable products that make a difference to patients and ultimately benefit society.

Clinical trials

Our main objective is to develop drugs and document their effectiveness and safety through clinical trials. This process takes approximately 5-7 years and we conduct trials in over 50 countries and approximately 15,000-25,000 patients a year participate in these clinical trials. An overview of our clinical research activities worldwide can be found on our clinical trials website. To ensure best practice, skills and knowledge in the development of therapies, we work with the world's leading academic centres and preferred industrial partners. Our clinical trials are conducted out of affiliates globally.

Same high ethical standard for all patients

People participating in Novo Nordisk trials are protected by the same rights, the same ethical standards and adherence to regulations irrespective of the location of the study.


Clinical trials at Novo Nordisk

Search through all clinical trial results from Novo Nordisk sponsored phase 1-4 trials and observational studies. Clinical trials are an important step in the research and development process to make new medications available.

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From idea to patient

In the pharmaceutical industry, only 10 out of every 10,000 new product ideas are ever tested in the clinic. Out of those 10, only one will be good and safe enough to clear market approval for use in the treatment of patients.

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