Internal 3R Award

The award was established to appreciate employees who improve the conditions for animals used in research and to emphasize the importance of a constant focus on animal welfare.

The Novo Nordisk 3R Award is given to employees who act towards bringing Novo Nordisk's commitment to the 'Reduction, Refinement or Replacement' (3R) principles into action.

At the award ceremony employees share and exchange ideas. The jury selecting the winning project consists of external animal welfare specialists. All employees in research and development are encourage to participate.

Please find the 2012 nominees' abstracts concerning different animal categories below. In agreement with their authors, the abstracts are published herein to provide examples of Novo Nordisk 3R initiatives taking place each year. The abstracts include views of the individual authors, and do not represent Novo Nordisk's position. You can consult Novo Nordisk's position on animal ethics here.