Partnership fosters ethics e-learning tools

Two innovative, open source e-learning tools, Ethics Decision-Making and Ethics Dilemma, have been designed to help navigate the uncharted waters and shores of dilemmas.

The e-learning tools target employees and managers in companies, as well as students and organisations worldwide. The tools are generic and applicable within business training, academic teaching, and inter-governmental organisations.

A rewarding partnership between The University of Copenhagen, LRN, Responsible Business Solutions (now part of KPMG), a global advisory board and Novo Nordisk has resulted in the development of these free tools.

The Ethics Dilemma Tool

  • Provides information on five ethical standpoints as well as your own profile
  • Elucidates that ethical standpoints are a decisive factor in decision-making

The Ethics Decision-Making Tool

  • Presents a checklist - nine questions - for ethics decision-making
  • Provides different dilemmas in a game setting where you can practice and enhance your decision-making skills
Try the Ethics Dilemma Tool Try the Ethics Decision-Making Tool 

'When faced with an ethical dilemma there is no clear right or wrong and what you decide to do is influenced by many factors including your ethical standpoint' says Peter Sandøe, Professor of Bioethics, Faculty of Life Sciences at Copenhagen University, 'It is our hope that the Ethics Dilemma tool will enhance mutual appreciation and fruitful dialogue by enhancing understanding of the different ethical standpoints that people can have.’

‘The Ethics Decision-Making tool introduces a new checklist helping you to analyse an ethical dilemma thoroughly before you make a decision' says Lise Holst, Director, Novo Nordisk, 'The strength of the tools is the combination of academic knowledge and hands on experience from business and other practitioners.'

Further information

Visit www.ethics-e-learning.com or The University of Copenhagen’s site www.ethicsinpractice.net where you will also find a facilitator guide and a free e-book on ethics.

Lise Holst, Director of Global Bioethics Management, Novo Nordisk A/S, llhh@novonordisk.com