Bioethics at Novo Nordisk

Recognising bioethical dilemmas

There will always be differing views on what is right and what is wrong, when we talk about bioethical issues. For Novo Nordisk it means that we must stay alert and seek to reconcile the inevitable dilemmas that arise as technology offers new opportunities in research and development and as societal attitudes and norms change.

Bioethics is the expression used for all ethical issues related to the use of life science technologies for the discovery, development and production of pharmaceutical products. It is of utmost importance to Novo Nordisk, that we in the process of bringing a new product to the market, carefully consider the safety of our employees and people participating in clinical trials, the welfare of animals, the impact on the environment and society as well as being attentive to societal concerns. We focus on ethical issues related to:

Humans Animals Gene technology
Bioethics - human Bioethics - animal Bioethics - gentech

Clinical trial ethics, stem cell ethics

Reduction, refinement and replacement of animal experiments

GMOs in research and production

Recognising and understanding the ethical implications of our business is an ongoing learning process. Bioethical considerations are a natural part of our decision-making processes and we have learnt from engagements with stakeholders. This approach has enabled us to raise ethical standards, frame the Novo Nordisk Bioethics Policy and positions, and to develop new guidelines and working procedures.