Psychological support

“For the longest time, I had a very hard time saying ‘no’. That created more stress than you can imagine.” Learn more about Dolores


"When I was diagnosed, I told the doctor: That is going to be a big change in my life. And the doctor said: Yes, you have to change a lot of things." Learn more


“I needed to take my medicine, change my lifestyle, and change from eating junk food to healthy food.” Learn more about Zandile

Living a full life

“When I was diagnosed, I needed to know what was coming my way, so I actively went out and looked for that information.” Learn more about Keenan

Understanding diabetes

Diabetes is characterized by a partial or complete lack of insulin production by the body. Learn more about what causes diabetes, symptoms and different types of diabetes.

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Managing diabetes  

In the long term, the keys to staying healthy are: medication, exercise, diet and emotional well-being.

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Insulin pens & needles

Injecting insulin only takes a minute or two. Insulin pens are light and easy to carry, and you can take insulin anywhere you go.

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Social support       

The more you learn about yourself and the more you talk to diabetes experts, the more power you have to manage your blood sugar.

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