Mild and moderate hypos

Mild Hypoglycaemia
This is the most common type of hypo. It can be treated by raising your blood glucose levels as quickly as possible. Check your blood glucose level. If it is not below normal, it is probably not a hypo. If you are in doubt, take some glucose.

Moderate Hypoglycaemia
If you do not treat a mild hypo, your brain will run out of the glucose "fuel" it needs to function normally. Other people may notice your symptoms, although you may not sense the warning signs yourself.

Make sure your family and friends understand how to recognise the signs of a hypo and know how to react if one happens. They should immediately give you some juice or sugar in some liquid form—but only if you are conscious.  Since some people experiencing hypos resist help, tell them they should insist on helping no matter how moody or resistant you may seem at the time. It's just the hypo "talking”.