At school

When you have diabetes you have to eat more often than many of your friends. You have to have breakfast and a few hours later you should have a morning snack. Have some fruit or a small sandwich and perhaps something to drink. Have your lunch and a few hours after that it is time for an afternoon snack. Even though you are at school with your friends who don’t eat as often as you have to, you must not forget your small snacks in between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You and your parents have to make sure that you take all the food you need at school each day. If the school has a cafeteria, you might be able to get what you need there, but first make sure that the food they serve is healthy for you. Your parents should talk with your school about what food is good for you to eat.

If you become ill

If you feel ill, you have to tell your teacher. The teacher can call your parents and learn what to do. It is even better, though, if your parents and teachers have already talked about how to help you if you become ill. That way you can get help fast and you will avoid some of the unpleasant things that can happen when you have diabetes.