User guide

1. Intro
2. Insert Penfill®
3. Suspension
4. Attach needle
5. Priming
6. Dial dose
7. Injection

Pull off the cap.
Move the mouse over the parts to see their names and learn more about them.
Note: PenMate® is used with the mechanical section of NovoPen® 3.
Pen cap - Protects the tip of Penfill®.
Return mechanism.
Mechanical section - contains the injection mechanics and the dosage system.
Dosage indicator window - one plain figure tells you how many units you have dialled.
Dosage selector - dial your dose in 1 unit increments. The selector has click action for safe and easy dosing.
Push button - press to automatically insert the needle.
Penfill® - Your 3 ml insulin cartridge from Novo Nordisk. You can use the entire range of 3 ml Penfill® cartridges, both analogue and human insulins.
NovoFine® needles - choose between 8 mm 30 G needles or 6 mm 31 G needles - both using state-of-the-art Thin Wall technology.
Residual scale window - gives you a clear view to inspect the insulin.
Inspection window - for insulin suspension: to see if there is enough left to allow proper mixing.

APROM ID# 1492. June 2010.