Simple just twist attachment/detachment

  • NovoTwist® has a unique bayonet fitting that allows you to ‘just twist’ the needle on and off for simple, firm and reliable attachment to Next Generation FlexPen®.
  • There is no need for the ‘turn, turn, turn’ attachment of conventional needles.
  • You will know when the needle is attached properly with the help of a confirmatory click.
  • NovoTwist® has the same ‘just twist’ method for detachment.

In surveys, more people with diabetes found it very easy to attach or detach NovoTwist® needles compared with needles with a conventional ‘turn, turn, turn’ thread attachment.

Using NovoTwist® can also save you time – most people asked said it was less time-consuming and more user-friendly than conventional needles.

Click below to see the difference - or read what those who have tested NovoTwist® have to say.

HQMMA/DV/1014/0063. November 2014.

FlexPen and NovoTwist