Questions and answers

Why does a drop of insulin not appear at the needle tip when I check the insulin flow?
The needle may be blocked.

  • Attach a new needle
  • Check the insulin flow until a squirt of insulin appears at the needle tip
Why can I not turn the dose button when I try to select a dose?
You have not pulled the dose button out before turning it. Pull out the dose button and then turn it to select your dose.


The Penfill® cartridge is empty.

  • Insert a new Penfill® cartridge
  • Check the insulin flow
  • Select your dose and inject.
When I try to select a dose – why does the dose button stop before I have selected the number of units I want to inject?
You are trying to select more units than are left in the Penfill® cartridge.


You are trying to select a dose larger than 30 units. If you need more than 30 units, divide your dose into two injections. If your pen still does not work after you have tried these solutions, your pen may be broken. Do not use it and contact your supplier.
Why do I pull the pen apart when I try to remove the pen cap?
You may have tried to twist the pen together with the cartridge holder and Penfill® cartridge in the pen cap.

  • Remove the cartridge holder and Penfill® cartridge from the pen cap.
  • Put the Penfill® cartridge into the cartridge holder and twist your pen together.
Why does the dose button sometimes jump out on its own before I pull it out?
This is normal and has no effect on the use of your pen.
Why does the pen not deliver any insulin when I turn the dose button to inject?
Turning the dose button will not deliver insulin. You have to press the dose button to inject.
Why does the piston rod not come out when I press the dose button?
The piston rod will not come out unless the cartridge holder (with a Penfill® cartridge) is attached, a dose is selected and the dose button is pressed in.
When I inject – why does the dose button stop before the figure 0 in the display lines up with the dose indicator?
The needle may be blocked and you have not received your full dose. Inject the remaining number of units with a new needle:

  • remove the needle from the skin
  • carefully detach the needle from your pen
  • make a note of the figure that lines up with the dose indicator. This is the number of units you still need to inject
  • turn the dose button until the figure 0 in the display lines up with the dose indicator
  • put on a new needle and check the insulin flow
  • turn the dose button to select the number of units that you made a note of and inject. If you are not sure whether you have received your full dose, you should check your blood glucose level more frequently.
What should I do if my pen has been dropped or knocked against a hard surface, or if I am not sure that it is working properly?
Perform a flow check:

  • check that the Penfill® cartridge is not damaged. See the leaflet in the Penfill® cartridge pack on how to do this. 
  • make sure that your pen is screwed properly together
  • attach a new NovoFine® disposable needle
  • check the insulin flow
  • put the outer needle cap back on the needle



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