Novo Nordisk's pen for children - NovoPen Echo® - wins GOOD DESIGN™ Award

A 2010 GOOD DESIGN™ Award has been awarded to Novo Nordisk for NovoPen Echo®, designed specifically with the needs of children in mind. Judging is based on product design, which is new, visionary, and innovative and which may enrich people’s lives.

More than 400,000 children are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes worldwide, and these children may need to inject themselves multiple times a day. The device they use for daily injections becomes an integral part of their everyday life. Novo Nordisk has recognised that children have different needs and thus developed a pen specifically for them.

Ramin Elahi, chief designer at Novo Nordisk, comments on the development process. "We spoke to children and their parents to establish what features of current pens could be improved. We identified the need to develop a pen which combined small dosing capability, a simple memory function and a design made to fit children's smaller hands. NovoPen Echo® is the result and is currently the only pen which combines all of these functionalities in one device."

NovoPen Echo® allows patients to inject insulin doses as low as 0.5 units, which is beneficial in children with low insulin requirements who require very small doses. In addition, a simple memory function has been added which records the dose and time since last injection.

NovoPen Echo® is the latest insulin pen from Novo Nordisk to win the GOOD DESIGN™ Award. NovoPen® 4, a pen designed for adults, also received the award in 2005.

About NovoPen Echo®

NovoPen Echo® is a durable insulin pen which comes in two colours – red and blue, with removable skins available so that users may personalise their pens. It has fine-tuned dosing in half-unit increments starting from 0.5 units, a simple memory function and a dose button with short travel distance. In user testing, 80% of children, parents and healthcare professionals chose NovoPen Echo® as their favourite pen.

For more information on NovoPen Echo®, please visit the Novo Nordisk Device YouTube Channel to view the user guide video.

About the GOOD DESIGN™ Award

The GOOD DESIGN™ Awards are chosen annually by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with The European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. They were founded in 1950 and as such are the world's oldest and among the most coveted awards for design and innovation.

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