Insulin injections

The below instructions are an example of an injection procedure. The procedure should always be done according to instructions from the manufacturer or your health care practitioner.

Wash your hands before you start. Pick up your device and dial 2 units. Hold the device with the needle pointing up and tap the cartridge with your finger to make any air bubbles inside collect at the top of the cartridge. Keeping the needle up, press the push-button all the way in. You should see a drop of insulin at the needle tip. 

Setting the Dose
Check that the dose selector is set to zero. Dial the number of units you need to inject.

Creating a Skin Fold
Pinch a fold of skin between your thumb and index finger. Keep this skin fold up during the whole injection process.

Insert the needle into your skin. Keep the push-button all the way down after the injection until the needle has come out from the skin. The needle should stay under the skin for at least 6 seconds.

Removing the Needle
Put the white needle cap back on and screw off the needle. Be careful as you dispose of the needle. That's it!