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What is different about the NovoTwist® attachment?
NovoTwist® has a unique bayonet attachment that allows you to ‘just twist’ the needle onto Next Generation FlexPen® instead of the ‘turn, turn, turn’ of conventional needles (see ‘Step-by-step guide’).
Does NovoTwist® have features other than the ‘just twist’ attachment?
Yes. NovoTwist® includes a range of design features to make injections more simple and convenient. Read more about the design of NovoTwist®.
Why has Novo Nordisk introduced NovoTwist®?
Novo Nordisk is committed to introduce new solutions that can improve the lives of people living with diabetes. In response to input from people with diabetes and healthcare professionals, Novo Nordisk has produced a needle designed specifically to simplify the needle attachment/detachment process for Next Generation FlexPen®. This needle is NovoTwist®.
Will I benefit from using NovoTwist® instead of needles with the conventional thread attachment?
In surveys of people with diabetes comparing needle types, 7 out of 10 prefer NovoTwist®. NovoTwist® is considered less time-consuming, more user-friendly and simple to use.
Can I reuse NovoTwist® needles?
No. Like all other injection needles, NovoTwist® should only be used once and disposed of in a sharps box.
Is NovoTwist® compatible with other Novo Nordisk injection devices?
NovoTwist® is compatible with:
  • FlexTouch®
  • FlexPen®
  • NovoPen® 4
  • NovoPen Echo®
  • Victoza Pen®
Can NovoTwist® be used with devices from other manufacturers?
Currently, only Novo Nordisk offers this unique feature with its devices.
Does the introduction of NovoTwist® mean that NovoFine® will be discontinued?
No. NovoFine® needles will continue to be available for use with Next Generation FlexPen®.
What are the sizes of NovoTwist®?
NovoTwist® is available as 5 mm 32G Tip and 8 mm 30G.
When should the 5 mm needles be used and when should the 8 mm needles be used?
The 8 mm NovoTwist® can be used in children, normal weight adults and overweight/obese adults. 6 mm needles have been shown to reduce the risk of intramuscular injection, and Novo Nordisk is currently developing guidelines for the 5 mm NovoTwist® needle.

APROM ID# 2799. January 2011.

FlexPen and NovoTwist
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