NovoTwist™: A new needle, designed for simplicity

An exciting new needle, NovoTwist®, has been developed by Novo Nordisk for use with the insulin delivery device Next Generation FlexPen®. The needle has a simple ‘just twist’ attachment and detachment that makes injection easier.

In two surveys of people with diabetes, 68–77% of people preferred NovoTwist® to the conventional thread needle NovoFine® and more than half of those surveyed said they found attaching and detaching the needle ‘very easy’.

“The enhanced ease of attaching the needle that is provided with the unique ‘just twist’ mechanism of NovoTwist® may have accounted for this preference”.

Besides the ‘just-twist’ attachment and detachment, NovoTwist® has other features such as audible and tactile clicks to confirm correct attachment.

NovoTwist® was developed in response to requests for simpler injection solutions from patients and healthcare professionals.

The innovative design of NovoTwist® was developed by teams within Novo Nordisk and external designers; Scott Allen (Møller-Jensen Design) states “Innovative technical solutions were combined with user interface and product visual identity input to create a product that improves patient’s treatment experience”.

NovoTwist® comes in 5mm (32G Tip) and 8mm (30G) and is currently compatible with Next Generation FlexPen®. Novo Nordisk, however, plans to introduce the necessary design changes to other devices in the future to make them compatible with NovoTwist®. This is part of an ongoing commitment from Novo Nordisk to improve the lives of people living with diabetes.

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APROM ID# 2799. January 2011.