Our expert advice

Type 2 patient

(by type 2 patient Beverley Munroe)

Diabetics need not be restricted in their activities if they become educated and creative.

Here are some helpful mealtime hints while travelling:

  • Carry a thermal bag for your insulin and other medications
  • Carry food from your food choice menu with you in your vehicle at all times. Be in control of each situation
  • Don't be swayed by others in choices of restaurants, etc.
  • Plan your activities so you are freed up at meal times
  • Carry a "little something" in your purse or bag for emergencies or "tide you over" times
  • Explain your mealtime needs to those travelling with you before you start your journey
  • Invite their co-operation

Recently on a trip to Ottawa, my car broke down on the highway. It was several hours from the time of breakdown and towing to repair. Fortunately, I had food with me in the car. This was quite a relief because it made things easier for me.

Not knowing the area where the dealership was and the many hours that I had to wait, I was able to meet my food requirements, thus maintain my blood sugar levels, instead of "swinging", as my daughter calls it.

While in Ottawa, we stayed at a lovely B&B. The owner there was so very gracious in preparing my meal according to my requirements. I didn't even ask for special treatment but she was very tuned in. So, keep that in mind if you will be doing the B&B scene.

So, plan ahead and be in charge of each situation… We too can enjoy our trips and vacations- we just have to be in charge! Happy vacationing!