Adventure sports

You can participate in adventure sports like diving, mountain climbing, hang-gliding or windsurfing. These sports, just like running marathons, triathlon or long distance cycling, require a great deal of concentration, good physical shape and well-controlled diabetes.

Even though it may be difficult to interrupt or stop an adventure sport activity to check your blood sugar, this should not prevent people with diabetes from participating in adventure sports.

Ask your doctor or health care professional for advice

The question of whether or not it is safe for people with diabetes to engage in adventure sports has been widely debated among doctors and athletes. It is very important to have an individual assessment with the doctor before commencing these types of activities.

It is also important that people with diabetes understand their own diabetes well and be able to recognize their own capabilities and limits.

Obviously, the aim is to ensure that hypoglycaemia does not occur during an adventure activity. Individual warning signs for problems such as hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) must be well-recognized.

Never start an adventure activity without making sure that your blood sugar level is high enough to go the whole distance.

In diabetes, the sky can still be the limit, but it is important that you talk to your doctor and health professional team first before trying something new.