Reporting a concern to the Compliance Hotline

Novo Nordisk employees and external stakeholders have the opportunity to report suspected misconduct securely and confidentially in the following areas:

  • Serious improper management or employee application of the Novo Nordisk Way in management practices, business conduct and behaviour, including serious unfair treatment of an individual employee by the direct manager or line organisation
  • Financial fraud, such as theft and embezzlement of Novo Nordisk assets and funds, vendor fraud, acceptance of kickbacks, accounting manipulation, breaches in internal accounting controls and auditing matters
  • Business Ethics misconduct, which could be a conflict of interest or corruption including payment of bribery or facilitation payments, unethical donations or gifts and entertainment to business partners, public officials or healthcare professionals given by Novo Nordisk employees or third parties acting on behalf of Novo Nordisk
  • Quality misconduct which could be any misconduct related to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Pharma co-vigilance Practice (GVP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) GMP, GCP, GVP and GLP. Furthermore serious misconduct related to procedures for Occupational Health and Safety, Responsible Sourcing and External environment
  • Significant violations related to Antitrust or Fair Trading, Espionage or Sabotage and Information Security Violations.

Please note, that as the Compliance Hotline is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, it is subject to certain Danish and European Union restrictions related to the making of such reports.

Only matters that involve legal risks and/or other serious risks to Novo Nordisk may be reported. This means that concerns about, but not limited to, pay or promotion, disagreements with colleagues or minor violations, practical complaints (equipment malfunctions, office environment, holiday issues) or other issues covered by collective bargaining agreements with unions, or other complaints about e.g. smoking or dress codes may not be reported on the Compliance Hotline.

Further, note that the whistle blower system should not be used for reporting of customer complaints, side effects (adverse events) or falsified products. Kindly use the following links for reporting such concerns:

You may use the following methods to report your concern


Call +1 888 536 1504 (please note that this is a phone number in the United States of America)

Other Countries

Dial your country’s AT&T Direct® Code* and when prompted enter 888 536 1504 (*

When calling the number, you may choose between the following languages:
English, Danish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian.


For legal reasons, you must use the link below for the country that you are reporting from. On the link below, you may choose between the following languages: English, Danish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian.

Reporting from the European Union and Norway

In Sweden, concerns may not be reported about employees below manager level.

In Spain and Portugal, concerns may not be reported anonymously.

In France: please be aware that the compliance hotline cannot be used by French employees, you can report directly to your manager, your local compliance officer or legal department, or to GIA.

Reporting from outside the European Union and outside Norway.

The Compliance Hotline is managed by the Audit Committee Secretariat and is monitored by the Audit Committee. Reports received through the Compliance Hotline may include personal data. Novo Nordisk will process personal data in accordance with the Danish personal data protection rules.

Read more about our procedure for the Compliance Hotline here.

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