Internships at Novo Nordisk

Would you like to experience working for a global pharmaceutical company? And are you in your first or second year of studying for a Master’s degree?

Next hiring of interns for the Novo Nordisk Internship Programme will be for Autumn 2015. Stay tuned in March 2015 where all positions will open.

The application process fall

Why become a Novo Nordisk intern?

Doing a full time internship at Novo Nordisk gives you 4 - 6 months’ of valuable, hands-on work experience with one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. It is an opportunity for a unique learning experience and a chance to turn theories into practice. As an intern in Novo Nordisk you will be working with experienced colleagues from many different nationalities within various fields.

Internship details

The internships vary in length and scope but are all designed to give Master’s students a valuable learning experience. Moreover, the internship will provide you with real-life professional challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

Working at Novo Nordisk

Meet Mads Wöhlk

Nationality: Danish
Education: Master’s degree in Corporate Communication and HR
Intern position: Project Coordinator in People & Communications, Product Supply

Internship Programme FAQ

Here you find answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Feel free to ask your personal questions on our Facebook page.

General info

What is the purpose of the internship?
The purpose of the internship is to provide master students with the opportunity to gain valuable working experience and get to know Novo Nordisk. Moreover, the internship will provide students with real-life professional challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Novo Nordisk in brief

  • More than 40.000 employees worldwide
  • International production facilities in six countries
  • Affiliates or offices in 75 countries
  • Products marketed in 180 countries