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Join Novo Nordisk's Innovation in Action

What is Novo Nordisk Innovation in Action?

Innovation in Action is a workshop relevant for master students from all academic backgrounds, specialisations, nationalities and universities. The Innovation in Action workshop is a unique opportunity to show us your talent, develop your analytical skills and network with other talented master’s students. In addition, you will meet and collaborate with employees from Novo Nordisk on a real business topic, chosen by our top management.  

The purpose of the Innovation in Action workshop is to challenge students to create the basis for new and sustainable business ideas that Novo Nordisk can use to position itself for future growth, leadership and the ability to combat diabetes globally.

The workshop takes place in both Aarhus and Copenhagen.

What will happen at the workshop?

The workshop is a 6-hour intensive development process where students will be placed in groups of 5 - 6 people. The groups will be created across different educational backgrounds and challenged to work with and ultimately present their best solution to a real and relevant business case.

Last year's case

Do you want to help Novo Nordisk change diabetes in Colombia?

Along with economic growth and a changing landscape of the healthcare system, an increasing number of Colombians are suffering from chronic diseases including diabetes. In 2030, nearly 4 million people will suffer from type II diabetes but only 300,000 will achieve desired outcomes.

In order to improve the medical education in terms of chronic diseases in Colombia, Novo Nordisk decided to establish the Diabetes Academy in May 2012 as a strategy to change the way Health Care Professionals (HCPs) learn about diabetes and broaden their knowledge of modern insulin and treatment.

During the Innovation in Action workshop, students were encouraged to provide a sustainable solution to improve the methodology and implementation of an effective educational strategy to end the medical inertia of HCPs that diagnose and treat patients that suffer from diabetes in Colombia.

Prior to the workshop the students will receive information on the narrative-based approach, the strategy implemented during the first stage of the Diabetes Academy and medical inertia.

With over 40,000 employees in 75 countries, our culture is as diverse as our geographical spread encouraging an open, honest, respectful, healthy and innovative working environment across national and functional borders.