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What is Novo Nordisk Innovation in Action?

Innovation in Action is a workshop relevant for master students from all academic backgrounds, specialisations, nationalities and universities. The Innovation in Action workshop is a unique opportunity to show us your talent, develop your analytical skills and network with other talented master’s students. In addition, you will meet and collaborate with employees from Novo Nordisk on a real business topic, chosen by our top management.  

The purpose of the Innovation in Action workshop is to challenge students to create the basis for new and sustainable ideas that Novo Nordisk can use to position itself for future growth, leadership and the ability to combat diabetes globally.

The workshop takes place in both Aarhus and Copenhagen.

What will happen at the workshop?

The workshop is a 6-hour intensive development process where students will be placed in groups of 5 - 6 people. The groups will be created across different educational backgrounds and challenged to work with and ultimately present their best solution to a real and relevant business case.

We are closed for applications. Application deadline was 10 November, 2014.

Innovation in Action will be back again in Fall 2015. Stay tuned on our Novo Nordisk Student Opportunities Facebook page.

Innovation in Action 2014

Watch the video from Innovation in Action 2014 held in Aarhus and Copenhagen in November below:

This year's case: Recruiting patients for clinical trial phase

Where regulations and communication meet: Recruiting patients for the placebo-required clinical trial phase of new innovative growth hormone

In addition to being world leader in diabetes care, Novo Nordisk is the leading provider of human growth hormone with a global market share of 30%, measured by value with an annual turn-over of more than 6 billion DKK in 2013. On a global scale 2 million people are estimated to be eligible for growth hormone therapy.

New long-acting drug in Growth Hormone
The Novo Nordisk strategy in growth hormone therapy aims at expanding our leading position by providing innovative and convenient products and devices for both adults and kids suffering from growth hormone deficiency (GHD). Over the past 30 years, the company has developed many ground-breaking products in the area, including innovative liquid growth hormone formulations and user-friendly pen-injectors.

Developing a long-acting, once-weekly growth hormone is the natural next step. This once-weekly drug may prove a strong alternative to the current once-daily product and may greatly help improve the quality of life for thousands of GHD patients.

Help solve the challenge ahead
Having now reached clinical phase 3 of the product development, i.e. demonstrating the effect and safety of the drug on adult patients, the project team is facing clinical, regulatory as well as communicative challenges. First of all, it is difficult to find the right patients for the trial. They must be diagnosed with GHD but must not have begun treatment i.e. they must be "treatment-naïve". In Europe there are probably only around 5000 adult patients diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency every year. In addition, the European authorities require the inclusion of a placebo group as a prerequisite for the approval of new growth hormone drugs for adults.

According to Project Vice President, Lars Nordholm.

The overall challenge is to attract treatment-naïve patients and convince them and investigators to participate in a placebo controlled trial with a once-weekly compound when they have a once-daily alternative

During the Innovation in Action workshop, students are encouraged to provide an innovative solution to the recruitment and motivation of trial patients for the European trial phase. This will be crucial to succeed with the development of the long-acting hormone formulation and fulfilment of its potential to help patients reduce their medication burdens in the future.

Prior to the workshop the students will receive information on drug development phases, recruitment of patients for clinical trials and the governmental regulations including placebo requirements.

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