Our vision

To find a cure for diabetes and its complications

To identify new opportunities for treatment of diabetes

Establish HRI as a world-class early applied research centre

Our mission

Feed Novo Nordisk pipeline with pre-projects driven by early applied research

Continue to remain world class by participation in scientific networks through research collaboration with top scientists and institutions

Development of new talents to support Novo Nordisk’s goal to treat and cure diabetes

Rodrigo Garcia, stud.MSc.

Laboratory Technician, Beta Cell Regeneration department, employed since September 2006

“I joined HRI because of its status as a serious medical research center with an international atmosphere. But of course the great reputation when it comes to opportunities and well-being for the employees also had a weigh in.

At HRI there are great possibilities for evolving both professionally and personally. I started my career at HRI when I was studying to be a Laboratory Technician. Here, I got the experience to perform the various tasks I now perform on a daily basis.

As a Laboratory Technician at HRI I mainly work within stem cell research. I recently transferred from the Stem Cell Biology department to the Beta Cell Regeneration department. I assist on several projects and perform in vivo experiments on mouse embryos and stem cells and I register and control the use of anaesthetics. I’m also helping to produce a “rainbow mouse” in order for us to investigate different pathways of pancreatic development.

The most exiting part of my job is that I get the opportunity to develop and optimise techniques to solve and find answers to interesting scientific questions that might change the lives of people suffering from diabetes or other metabolic diseases. My biggest success so far is that I’ve succeeded in making transgenic animals.

HRI has fully lived up to my expectations as a workplace. The atmosphere is great and to me it’s a very socially and creative workplace with a positive employee politics – and great fringe benefits. But most of all I appreciate the daily contact with so many different people and cultures – and spending time with my colleagues. It is truly rewarding.”



Ph.D. Student


Senior Research Scientist


Project Leader


Senior Principal Scientist