Our vision

To find a cure for diabetes and its complications

To identify new opportunities for treatment of diabetes

Establish HRI as a world-class early applied research centre

Our mission

Feed Novo Nordisk pipeline with pre-projects driven by early applied research

Continue to remain world class by participation in scientific networks through research collaboration with top scientists and institutions

Development of new talents to support Novo Nordisk’s goal to treat and cure diabetes

Lauge Schäffer

Senior Principal Scientist, Insulin and Incretin Biology Department, employed since August 1984

“You could say I came to Novo Nordisk by accident. And to tell you the truth I didn’t expect to stay forever. But here I am 25 years later and to this day I can’t think of anyplace that offers me the same opportunities. It’s definitely a friendly organisation with endless possibilities – and where else can you chat up chief executives in the hallway?

As Senior Principal Scientist I work with peptide synthesis. I’m a consultant on new projects at HRI and liaison to Diabetes Protein Engineering in Måløv, Copenhagen. In my work at HRI I’m able to do fundamental research, while keeping an eye on the commercial applications. I’m empowered to do what I think is important without having to ask permission all the time. What I love most about my job is being able to experience the research you contribute to being made into a new treatment for people with diabetes. I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects in all phases – from basic research and early idea generation to the finishing touches on product candidates about to be handed over to development. But you have to have patience and stick around for a while to see it happen because of the timeframe in pharmaceutical development. Of course your ideas doesn’t always work the way you hoped for – and that’s tough.

There’s a notion at Novo Nordisk that all employees should have “employability security” rather than “employment security”. That’s good, I think. I have continuously tried to keep myself educated, both with respect to science and to leadership and at HRI there is always strong support for any kind of personal or professional education.

A lot of the people here have been around for many years – myself included. I think the reason is that there’s really no need to move on to another company, when you work on new projects and have a job which keeps on changing. Even though I’ve been in the same company for 25 years – it still feels like many different jobs.”




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