Careers within manufacturing

Product Supply, our manufacturing unit, is a large and diverse function offering many opportunities for development, diversify or become a specialist in your own chosen area.

Being the best

Manufacturing at Novo Nordisk belongs to the functional area called Product Supply. The mission of Product Supply is to be the best supplier of pharmaceutical products. This means that we have to supply customers with high quality products in regulatory compliance, with reliable delivery and at competitive cost.

Our responsibility

Product Supply is responsible for the end to end supply chain of all products sold by Novo Nordisk. It is up to us to make sure that our high-quality products are available when the customers need them.

Our achievements

Manufacturing focuses on three objectives: getting the quality level of products right, meeting the increasing global demand for our products and continuously challenging the way we work and thereby reducing our costs to make it possible for us to invest in the future.

Our challenges

Quality, delivery and cost are what counts in Product Supply. It is a challenge to constantly ensure a balance between these three elements which is key to the continued success of Novo Nordisk.

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World wide locations

With production facilities in six countries  around the world, Product Supply is a global organization.