Lise Kingo

Executive vice president and chief of staff (COS)

Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff (COS)

Ms Kingo joined Novo Industry A/S in 1988 and worked over the years to build up the company’s Triple Bottom Line approach. In 1999, Ms Kingo was appointed senior vice president, Stakeholder Relations. In March 2002, she was appointed executive vice president and chief of staffs in Novo Nordisk assuming global responsibility for Corporate Relations.

Ms Kingo is chairman of the board of Steno Diabetes Center A/S in Denmark and member of the board of Grieg Star Group AS, Norway. She is also chairman of the Danish Council for Corporate Social Responsibility and professor at the Medical Faculty, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Ms Kingo holds a BA in Religions and in Ancient Greek Art (1986, University of Aarhus, Denmark), a BCom in Marketing Economics (1991, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) and an MSc (Hons.) in Responsibility and Business Practice from the University of Bath, United Kingdom (2000).

Ms Kingo is a Danish national, born August 1961.