(World Diabetes Foundation)

The World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) is dedicated to create awareness, care and relief to people with diabetes in the developing world. At its heart lies the promise of equal access to diabetes care.

Providing help where it's needed the most

Launched as an independent, non-profit organisation through a grant from Novo Nordisk, the WDF tries to help where it will count the most - in the developing countries, where 80% of the world's explosion in diabetes is expected to occur.

The WDF has identified four focus areas:

  • Awareness and prevention of diabetes
  • Education and training of patients and healthcare professionals
  • Improvement of access to essential medicines in diabetes
  • Enhancement of detection, treatment and monitoring of diabetes

It is essential for the WDF that its initiatives are sustainable after the completion of a funded project. To that effect, the WDF strives to act as a catalyst to build strong relations among different stakeholders such as governments, diabetes organisations, hospitals and authorities.

Since 2001, the WDF has supported 72 projects in the developing world with a direct impact on 26 million people.

Why did we start the WDF?

"In order to fulfil our vision of defeating diabetes, we have to address the needs of the developing world, where the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 80% of new cases will appear," says Lars Rebien Sørensen. "We launched the WDF with a sense of urgency that has not lessened five years on."

"If the diabetes pandemic is to be prevented from spinning out of control, we need to move beyond our traditional role as a pharmaceutical company that develops and markets medicines and look at the complex set of factors that make diabetes a growing problem in poorer countries."

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