National Diabetes Programmes

Novo Nordisk's National Diabetes Programmes (NDP) support healthcare systems with the aim of more effectively addressing diabetes.


The programmes work to promote collaboration between all parties in the healthcare system in order to:

  • Build capacity
  • Prioritise diabetes on national health agendas
  • Improve diabetes care and quality of life for people with diabetes

From training doctors to advocating a holistic approach to diabetes care, the NDPs strive to make governments, authorities and others aware that the human and economic cost of diabetes is too huge to ignore.


In partnership with people with diabetes, healthcare professionals, patient organisations, governments, authorities, private corporations, academia, NGOs and citizens, the programmes aim to defeat diabetes by finding better methods of diabetes prevention, detection and treatment.


Since 2001, an estimated 21 million people worldwide have been reached through NDP activities, spearheaded by our employees in 78 countries worldwide.

Why do we need National Diabetes Programmes?

Within the next 20 to 25 years, the growing number of people with diabetes may well qualify the condition as the largest epidemic humanity has ever experienced. If diabetes is not yet at the top of the world's healthcare agenda, it should be.