Education for healthcare professionals

Novo Nordisk is dedicated to fighting diabetes through effective management of the disease. We share a mutual goal with healthcare professionals – to defeat diabetes.That is why we find it in our best interests to support continuing medical education, scholarships and clinical & academic alliances that will help us reach that goal faster.

The challenge of helping people with diabetes

Every day, doctors, nurses and diabetes counsellors are faced with the challenge of helping people with diabetes achieve the best possible quality of life. If we can help them to do their job better, then we are doing our job better.

We can help make this happen by ensuring that healthcare professionals are knowledgeable about the latest achievements in research and diabetes management in order to get as many patients as possible to a point of good glycaemic control.

Partnerships for education

To this end, we have built relationships and partnerships with healthcare professionals and leading teaching diabetes institutions. Together with our partners, we support several types of courses and research grants, clinical & academic alliances for continuing medical education and scholarship programmes.