Our employee volunteer programme

Novo Nordisk's passion to defeat diabetes infuses the spirit of the company's employee volunteer programme - TakeAction!

Launched in 2003, TakeAction! is designed to encourage and support employees to integrate the company's Triple Bottom Line approach into everything they do. The programme provides an opportunity to engage in voluntary activities and a forum for sharing best practice. All activities are developed and undertaken by Novo Nordisk employees during their working hours and support the company's business objectives as well as covering social and/or environmental objectives in the local communities, in which the company operates.

Creative initiatives throughout the world

TakeAction! activities are as varied and creative as the people who make them happen. These are just a few examples of how employees are living the Novo Nordisk values:

Diabetes Awareness Drive in the Philippines

In July 2005, Novo Nordisk employees from the Philippines held a two-hour session about diabetes and healthy living for 100 employees at two local companies.

Over the course of decades, hundreds of social and environmental programmes have been created and carried out by Novo Nordisk employees all over the world, not at the expense of the company’s business but in concert with it.

Diabetes summer camps in Europe

Each year, a number of employees working in the Novo Nordisk Region Europe volunteer to work a week in summer camps for children with diabetes in Poland, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Community work in Brazil

Employees from Novo Nordisk Brazil have initiated a 'fix & paint' project at a home for elderly women in their local community. The volunteers have helped restore the house and thereby improved the living conditions for the women living there.

Novo Nordisk School Challenge

In 2005, Novo Nordisk launched the TakeAction! School Challenge encouraging employees to visit their local schools and teach children about healthy living in collaboration with the local class teacher. This initiative is in line with the company's focus on youth prevention of type 2 diabetes.

A School Challenge website is available with fun and educational activities related to the overall theme of healthy eating and regular exercise. Visit the website for more information.