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International production facilities in eight countries.

Affiliates or offices in 75 countries.


Approximately 42,600 employees (September 2016).

Approximately 43% of employees are located in Denmark (18,210) and 57% in the rest of the world (USA: 6,541, China: 4,378, International Operations: 7,810, Europe: 4,456, Pacific: 1,535).
20% within research and development
32% in production and production administration
36% in international sales and marketing
12% in administration

Product areas

We have five product areas:
Diabetes care 
Growth hormone therapy
Hormone replacement therapy

According to applicable law, only health care professionals are allowed to access product information on our site. Please find the information under Health Care Professionals.

For patient and disease information, including pens and needles, please look under Patients.

Quarterly sale

27,537 million Danish kroner Q3 2016

Annual sale

107,927 million Danish kroner 
(Full year results 2015. See Financial Statement for more information)

Sales by business segment
Q3 2016

Diabetes and obesity care 22,292 million Danish kroner

Biopharmaceuticals 5,245 million Danish kroner

Sales by region
Q3 2016

USA: 14,174 million Danish kroner
Europe: 5,093 million Danish kroner
International Operations: 3,326 million Danish kroner
Region China: 2,534 million Danish kroner
Pacific:  2,410 million Danish kroner


Novo Nordisk A/S

Bagsværd, Denmark, 
CVR nr. 24 25 67 90



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