Another year has passed, and we have now published our third Environmental Report. In 1995 we have devoted many resources to achieving quality certification of our enzyme business. We are very satisfied that we also succeeded in achieving the majority of our environmental targets and are pleased with the progress that Novo Nordisk has made in the environmental field. We also look forward to the many challenges that still lie ahead, since striving for environmental excellence is a continuous process.

Novo Nordisk is committed to working for sustainable development, but we are also part of a very competitive industry. So for Novo Nordisk good environmental performance is closely related to sound financial results.

The international environmental debate is also expanding into fields which are not closely related to the external environment. Previously, the focus was always on the financial bottom line when a company's results were assessed, but soon both an environmental and a social dimension will be added. In addition to proving their financial viability companies will also be required to show that they give priority to environmental issues, health and safety, and ethical and social issues. Novo Nordisk will continue to participate actively in the debate on corporate environmental, social and ethical responsibilities.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all Novo Nordisk employees throughout the world who have made it possible to publish Novo Nordisk's third Environmental Report. I also hope that the great interest shown by our environmental stakeholders will be maintained and that we will continue to receive suggestions for how to improve the environmental report.

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